About Us

Hello, I’m Denecia A. Jones, the founder of Jadestone Solutions

For the past 20 years, I have been truly honored to have worked with thousands of clients across the globe providing them with the best rates and plans for their needs. Since its inception, over 20 years ago, we have helped our clients to not only purchase their plans but also be coached by our team on how to use them in our complex U.S. insurance system.

The vision that I had to start the agency started when I was 17 years old after I experienced my father’s death from pancreatic cancer. Little did my mom and I know that it would cause financial hardship that left my family bankrupt and homeless. I experienced firsthand what outdated health care laws, complex insurance contracts, and simply not knowing how our family’s insurance plans truly worked when we needed it the most. With the desire to help others make sure that they never had to go through what I did, that's when our agency was born. Since then, here at Jadestone Solutions, our mission is to ensure that our clients have the best coverage at affordable rates, and that they are educated on how to use their plans in the complex insurance system; especially when they need it the most. Since inception, I have remained very connected in the insurance industry to remain informed on new developments that might affect my clients, and last but not least, I continue to help government officials create laws that are in favor of my clients' best interest. Time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe that 20 years have flown by so quickly. For the next 20 years, our agency will continue expanding on what we offer while remaining an advocate for our clients' successes with insurance and in other areas of their lives.

I am proud to announce that Jadestone Solutions is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) from the State of California, and other contracting agencies. We are also a proud LGBT Enterprise.

All the best,

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