Understanding Crystals For Beginners: With The Author of “How Crystals Shine; True Secrets Revealed”

Interview of Denecia A. Jones was conducted by Dr. Darlene Bryant 

Denecia: Okay, we’re going to change things up a bit. I am going to have a really good friend of mine, Darlene Bryant, who I’ve known for a very long time to interview me and on today’s show.

Denecia A. Jones Speaker, Work-Life Balance Coach & Business Strategist works with individuals and companies to create more inner peace, success, and happiness from the inside out

Darlene: Hello everybody. Hello Denecia, Oh my goodness. What a privilege to be able to speak to you today on your own show. Like she said, we have been friends for a long time, so this is just going to be a truly fun time for us. Well let’s get started. So Denecia Jones, you started a new channel called Soul-Well Business. Tell me a little bit about this business.

Denecia: Soul-Well Business came to me about two years ago when I realized that in the United States, we have a lot of folks that are out there and they’re just working themselves to the bone or just sick, not feeling well. And I just was like, okay, we need to get our souls well, our souls are just disconnected from what’s real, what’s important, what’s connecting us all together. And you know that money isn’t everything. And so, I decided to create a channel to bridge the gap between business and wellness because I felt like it would allow our souls to heal. Because I knew deep in my heart that it was time. It was time for us to start learning about other ways of living that we were not so much open to before. It was just time to do it. I launched the channel on February 20, 2020. It has just been amazing because now we’re in March in the midst of a pretty interesting time right now with Corona virus. And people are looking for knowledge more than ever, they’re looking for help to try and find their way, and into a new way of thinking because we don’t have a choice. We have to let go of the things that just are not serving us anymore.

Darlene: That’s amazing because we always hear others talk about the importance of taking care of our minds, taking care of our bodies. But very rarely do people mention taking care of our souls, what is going on inside. This is wonderful. You’re giving people a great opportunity to get in touch with themselves and get total healing. I love it. I love it, with everything going on. Thank you for this. I addition to being in business with insurance and wellness, you know, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re also into crystals, oh my goodness could you tell us some more about that.

Denecia: It’s been something where I’ve hidden it for too long. It all started for me when I was previously married to a great guy and I had a lot of anger come up into my life and I didn’t know why. I was like, what’s going on? And then now I reflected on that and I realized it was just a time for me to release a lot of pain from my childhood into the marriage. And the pain that I felt was, “I was not heard, I wasn’t loved that makes me angry. In any relationship, you work things out with your partner and your partner could be your spouse, your partner could be a friend, whatever it is, you’re working things out so you can heal them. At that time I was working a lot of anger out of childhood stuff and I didn’t really notice that. And he was working his stuff out too. He had some things that he was working at as well. We’re working it out together and I just said, I cannot live with this anger anymore, I’m tired of being angry. A girlfriend of mine suggested that I investigate crystals and I was a little skeptical because I’m more analytical, science-minded, type of gal. I wasn’t really into the spirituality thing at all. I was like, Oh, that’s so woo-woo. Oh my God, like what is this? But I just wanted to do something. I really needed to do something else. That therapy wasn’t working. I didn’t want to go on any medication, I was just like, I need to do this all at work. We were both open to it. We brought some crystals into the house. I remember I had this angel shaped Rose quartz crystal that I had, I put that in our living room, and I remember my ex, he had some issues with sleeping. I put an amethyst pyramid by the bed, which amethyst has been historically known to help protect a person and help him sleep very well. I was skeptical at first, but then I was okay,” I’ll just see how this works”. He was the same way. And about two weeks later we noticed a difference. We were not fighting as much, felt more peace. The things that were needing my attention to really understand the situations of anger were coming up easily so I could reflect on them more opposed to just like putting it out there and fighting about it. And it was just a really peaceful transition and ever since then I’ve just been so dedicated to just really loving these things, living these creatures we call crystals. And I have friends that are into them too. And a lot of my friends have gotten crystals from me and so it’s been amazing. That is how I got into them.

Darlene: Well, I want to get some crystals because I was going to ask you like what is the hype about crystals? Why do people heal into them? Is this something new?

Denecia: I mean I really feel that it has to do with like just the times I felt like the millennials, rainbow kids, all these newer generations, they are allowing us to really understand what is important. It’s not all about the money anymore.
Darlene: Wow, so that really answers another question I had because I had it in my mind that crystals were only used for spiritual use. But now you’re talking about the heart chakra and the communication so there are other uses besides just spirituality.

Denecia: Yeah, good question. Obviously, crystals can be used by anyone. It could be spiritual; a lot of folks are into spirituality because there is a lot of crystal stores that are popping up. But in religion, the Bible mention different types of crystals in it at least 20 times. Crystals have so many different uses. Sometimes when I feel like I need to connect with unconditional love, I grab a Rose quartz crystal and put it under my pillow before I go to bed. I do that and I get a sound sleep and somehow I heal am able to reflect and heal through different things coming up for me and I feel better the next day. There are crystals with regard to the jewelry. There are even crystal sex toys, which I mentioned their benefits in the book.

Darlene: Really? Okay, we will have that discussion later!

Denecia: There are so many different things to use crystals for. Some people put them in the water. Some people use them as things to put into their house as a crystal grid to help heal the energy in their house. There are so many different ways of being able to use them and make sure that you benefit. They’ve been very, very good and they’re very hyped up for a good reason.

Darlene: That is awesome. And I’ve known you all this time and you’re just so knowledgeable. I can’t believe I haven’t tapped into this resource like this. Thank you for the information, but also, you know, I’m a science teacher and I’m wondering could you give us any details on the science of Crystals?

Denecia: While writing the book, I researched many case studies around the science behind crystals . The last piece of science was done in the United Kingdom ( U.K.) by a psychologist named Christopher French at Goldsmiths, University of London. In case study, he claimed that crystals were placebo effect. In this particular case study, there were two groups of individuals and two sets of crystals. One set of crystals were authentic crystals and the other was fake. They gave a crystal to each person. And they said, okay, here’s this crystal and here’s the particular issues that you have. Hold on to these crystals and we’ll watch you after two weeks. And then the other set, they had fake crystals a.k.a dyed glass. What they found in this case study is that both groups had healing. He basically stated that obviously, crystals are not real because obviously if they were then the fake crystal group members would not have received healing benefits. I completely understand and agree with where he is coming from the school of psychology because that is how the medical/psychology educational world conducts their studies. Like I mentioned in the book, the one thing that I suggest that is tested outside of the medial world is the true energy that is coming from the crystals themselves before simply making a blanket claim without all the facts. One way that anyone can check if a crystal is real is by getting an electric magnetic vibrational frequency device that test the frequency of the crystals. There are some things in the book that I did find that definitely cancels out with the placebo effect claim based on something that I found that connects crystals to pharmaceutical drug industry.

Darlene: I am so grateful that you wrote a book about crystals for us newbies that do not know very much about it. Do you want to share anything else about the book or we are just going to have to get the book to get some more details?

Denecia: I do not know about you. I get bored easily. If I see a book that’s really big and it has all that booboo, like things that are not supported by facts, the first thing I do is just put the book. I’m not interested. I don’t have the time. Like the rest of us, we just don’t have the time to waste on stuff that’s just not supported. And especially for me because I have a very analytical mind and I need to know why someone’s saying something and I need that support to really kind of understand that it’s not just something that’s missing. My book has a ton of true stories from folks that I interviewed who were mostly business professionals who share their story about how they came across crystals and how they felt that crystals impacted their lives to find more peace or to find their career or their purpose in life. Whatever it was. It was very easy to read from the standpoint of a story because I wanted to make sure that that was the case for my readers. And then also it’s just a fun read, you learn a little bit more about interesting stuff like crystal sex toys, how long they been there. Lots of humor because I realized that we need to have humor. This is a very interesting topic. A lot of folks are concerned because crystals are also known for voodoo and really dark stuff as well and definitely, I’m aware of that. And so, I made it very light, very happy and joyful.

Darlene: That is awesome. Well, Denecia this is your show, why not get in a little shameless plug and tell us how we can order this book.

Denecia: I’m a yoga instructor and into Krista Reiki energy healing as well, Crystal Reiki masters and it’s available on Amazon. It’s called How Crystals Shine True Secrets Revealed. And it’s here for you, it’s a really quick read. It’s a hundred pages. I share my story of discovery and how they really are amazing gifts to us and they’re from planet earth. They are from the source, from the ground. It is something that we need to really utilize as opposed to… Like I said before, I did not want to use artificial things. And so why not use something that is natural from the earth and has worked for thousands of years for a lot of people.

Darlene: That is wonderful. And I want to speak for myself and I think I’m speaking for others to say, I appreciate your authenticity, coming from corporate America and sharing this side of you, we need to see that people are real business, people are real too. Thank you for sharing that side of you with us.

Denecia: Thank you.

Darlene: Thank you, you’re welcome. Let’s talk about this show, this awesome show. I know you mentioned you’re a co-producer of the show, Soul-Well Business. Who else is producing this show with you?

Denecia: Sourcing the energy that we’re getting from God. And what perfect timing because I launched a show in February 2020, and it was right before the Coronavirus. I was terrified of social media. I had no idea what I was doing on social media. I ended up, luckily taking a class in January, took a class, and learned everything I needed to know from video editing being able to learn how to do the social media branding, everything else. It was just really crazy. And I pushed through that and then I launched the show and then now everything is online because we can’t, we’re in quarantine we really aren’t able to leave our houses. There is no other person that could have ever prompted me to be of service this why at this critical time in history. It was perfect timing, and I was definitely prompted by my co-producer, God.

Darlene: That just warmed my whole entire heart. I thank you. Oh, my goodness. That is awesome. Co-Producer. That’s the best co-producer you could possibly have. So how is the show going? How has it been since you started in February 2020.

Denecia: It’s been great. When I first started the show, there was a lack of folks that, who wanted to be on it because it was so much like controversy. Like, oh, I don’t know, business and wellness, I don’t know. Because those words are never really together. Right? You can have a wellness class and a business but having a place where you’re able to talk about both is very unique. And I knew that it was very much needed because there’s so much interest on both sides. You know, there’s a lot of wellness folks that I coach, and they are looking to get business techniques. They want to be able to improve their business, but they don’t know where to go because they’re also into more of the creative things and the creative healing mechanisms that help them be healers. They’re not into the analytical, sometimes harsh way of doing things, but they need to have that in order to grow their business, to make the money that they are needing to make and to get into corporations the way that they need to, to help heal and to uplift so they are much more conscious of what matters in life who are in the business arena. And then you have business folks who are, they’re interested in this whole spiritual wellness thing, and they want a place to go to, to feel safe and know that they’re not going to get fluff. It’s going to be factual stuff and it’s going to be stuff that can help my viewers. It’s interesting, the first couple of shows I had a hard time finding people to interview and luckily my friends came through for me and about four friends came through and I was like, okay, perfect. And after that, after other people started to see the shows, then they’re like, okay, I want to be part of it. But in the beginning, it was not easy. And so right now, I mean, we have shown on that are talking about… We have estate planners, I.T Folks to Shaman, to drug and alcohol counselors who are helping people reduce their chances of spending suicide. It’s been amazing. The biggest show so far was at this point in time, which is right now it’s March was our shaman show, it’s like, what is shamanism? We have Shaman Rami on he is an amazing being and our ratings went up, our views from viewers were 333% increase for that show.

Darlene: Oh, my that is amazing.

Denecia: People on both ends, wellness and business, are definitely patient paying attention and they are watching in the comfort of their homes, especially right now we are interested in something unique and different and so it just allows me to know, okay, I did the right thing. It’s funny because when you view the show on the YouTube channel, it just says 23 views or 50 views, but it doesn’t take an account for the mobile views. It is a huge increase and is allowing me to figure out, okay, what shows would be good for our viewers and which shows, next time, I don’t want to really have those types of shows. But either way, I’m always open to hearing more from viewers because that’s what I want to hear. The show is for you. After the show, I hope that you guys give us some more feedback on what we can include as far as things that you’re interested in so we can provide that to you. That is what’s new. It is going really well. Things are opening up in so many aspects now that I’ve taken that leap of faith and said, forget about what people think about me. Forget about the challenges that we had upfront, the controversy that people were concerned about. I mean, I’ve been told, don’t mix the business and wellness together because that’s all that we’ve known is like either of these separate worlds and keeping it light and just simple where I’m still keeping it light and simple, but I’m also allowing other people to realize that there’s more to life than just the way that we’re living either in that business world or in that wellness world.

Darlene: Wow. That is amazing. And people fear what they do not know of and you have helped them to see what the benefit is of accepting something that’s different. Business and wellness absolutely should go hand in hand. I am just, I’m enthralled. I am so excited for you.

Denecia: Thank you. Very honored, very honored. And just a little backstory everyone. Darlene has been a good friend of mine. We have known each other since I was the insurance broker for a former employer of hers. She was the HR manager and we, how long has it been?

Darlene: Since 2006. We’ve been friends for 14 years.

Denecia: We have come so far in so many ways and change careers, all kinds of stuff. I am so grateful to have you as my friend and to have the honor for you to interview me on my show. My ultimate goal is to share the side of me that helps uplift others especially during challenging times. Thank you for interviewing me, love.

Darlene: Thank you for having me. With everything that is going on with coronavirus, whatever people want to call it, I want to hear what are some tips that you can give people on staying positive and keep things moving forward? With this virus, with this pandemic going on, what are some tips you can give your viewers?

Denecia: Great question. Loving yourself is so important right now because if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love other people. And what I mean by that is like being able to focus on putting good energy into yourself. I mean the foods that you eat, are they green and leafy? Are they allowing your body to be alkaline so you’re less stressed and you’re able to have more oxygen come to it so your body’s more relaxed, especially right now during this stressful time? Are you able to really think and act in a way that is healthy and if not, what are the things that you can do to change that? The healthy thoughts, words, actions, and foods that we have in our body are important to love ourselves and love others better. I highly recommend really being conscious of how you are loving yourself and making sure to be around loving people especially right now. I know that a lot of us are really trying to give themselves to everyone. Remember this…You cannot help others in a loving way when your vessel is empty.

Darlene: Very good.

Denecia: That’s number one. Number two is being able to focus on connecting with nature. Now while we’re filming this, we are in a stay-at-home quarantine, we’re not able to go outside and when we view this, I’m hoping that that’s over. A lot of us cannot even go outside right now. I’d say focus on nature open your windows and look outside your window, check out the clouds, admire the beauty and abundance of a tree, listen to the birds sing. Just being able to connect with nature is important to feel less alone. When you’re able to get out, then take a walk, touch the trees, disconnect completely from I.T and just really sit there in gratitude of what you have and the abundance that the universe really has and how we’re so connected to it. Number Three is “Gratitude is the Attitude.”, Being grateful for what you have. Every little thing that we have, even the challenges that we’re going through can make us stronger and better with experience to do things a different way the next time or simply go into solution mode and move on. There are people right now that have zero money and they do not know whether they’re going to eat tomorrow. There are folks that have a lot of conflict and stress in their relationships at home and at work because of the dramatic change. Being grateful and being able to ask for help and help others in need are all needed to get through these interesting times. And the more that we’re able to look at the things that we’re grateful for, the less attention we give to the things that bother us. And that is the power of being able to move forward instead of being stuck in a negative situation like fear, doubt, anxiety, or anger. Turn off the news, anything negative music-wise, energetically with people turn it off. And so those are the things that I say will help us get through this and move past it in a positive way.

Darlene: Great, Thank you! One thing that I tell people is, “Don’t let fear override your faith. Wherever your faith lies, rely on that. I have been making that I get out and at least go for a jog around my neighborhood to get out of the house a little bit and enjoy nature. Is there anything else you’d like to add about what you think about this global crisis that we’re having with the Coronavirus?

Denecia: I’d say that the Coronavirus in a way is a blessing because it was time for us to really connect with what’s going on in other parts of the world. I feel like as an American and traveling to 10 countries, I have seen that our reputation as Americans is not the most open and the most fulfilling and connected to other countries. I feel like Coronaviruses is, although it is a pain in the butt, it is bringing us to a point where we are aware that our actions affect the entire world. And I believe that at the end of this, we’ll look at it in a way that it will allow us to know that our consciousness is not just from the U.S, it is for everyone and everything. To be positive and know that the things that we’re dropping right now, the things, the habits, the lack of savings, the living, to keep up with the Jones is that those things may be falling apart because it’s just stuff that we don’t need anymore. We deserve better and will be better after all of this. I pray for everyone and know that we will get through this stronger.

Darlene: Me too. Wonderful advice. Speaking of keeping up with the Joneses, I’m so grateful that I was able to keep up with this. Ms. Jones. Thank you so much for creating the show and having me on it. I’m so excited to be a part of this and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this and the people that will benefit from it.

Denecia: Thank you so much. So, Darlene is also a Doctor, PHD and a Reverend with her husband. I will call her, Reverend Bryant for now on. (Laughter) When we first met, did we ever see all this coming?

Darlene: Never, ever.

Denecia: Me either! When we met, Darlene was an HR representative for a company that I provided employee benefit plans for, we became very good friends. We kept in contact, we went through marriages and divorces together and we both found the Lord. She found God through the Christian faith. I found it through the Jewish faith and that is the power of love and that’s the power of God. That is all I can say about our experience. For all the folks that are atheist out there, that’s okay because I know you love yourself and you love being out there and you’re helping others with your unconditional love too. What I’m saying is that what works for me and Darlene was the fact that God brought us together to get through the difficult times that strengthen us to help others on a larger scale and that is a blessing. To live and be aligned with your purpose is so powerful. It makes all the challenges worth it.

Darlene: It sure was!

Denecia: So very honored to have you here. Thank you, Darlene
And Thank you, to all of my viewers. I appreciate you. I want to hear from you so please comment in the comments area of the show of what type of show you want to hear in the future. Make sure that you like us and share this show with other people. And if you are interested in learning about crystals, feel free to find my book, How Crystal Shine; True Secrets Revealed. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google books. Like always, thank you for being here and until the next time we meet, be beautiful, and be well. Bye.

Darlene: Bye everybody.


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