Tips On How To Achieve Your Goals FAST

Hey everyone. This is Denecia and today we’ll discuss goal settings. If it’s setting a goal to lose weight right before springtime to not eating that piece of chocolate, when you really, really want it. We have challenged ourselves with this particular subject. That’s why I want to cover it today.

Denecia A. Jones Speaker, Work-Life Balance Coach & Business Strategist works with individuals and companies to create more inner peace, success, and happiness from the inside out

Number one:
There are seven ways of being able to achieve your goals. I’d say the first one that’s very important is to write it down. Being able to pull that knowledge from your brain, putting it on paper or on your note pad, or whatever it is, is key to being able to be successful. When you’re able to write something down, saying that you want to move forward, it allows it to be easier for you to make it happen.

Number two:
Make time for it. Being able to say, “I want to be able to take a Friday evening every week off means that you have to make time for this and do just that. Being able to make time for it allows you to say, I’m going to plan out this time to make this happen and it will.

Number three:
Write down your plan of action. How are you going to change your habits in order to make it happen? If it’s a situation where you wanting to lose weight, or you want to cut the sugar. Well, that may mean that you’re not going to go to the store and get chocolate ice cream, or that you may end up getting something that’s a little bit healthier with regards to your diet. Maybe it is eating some fresh fruit or having vegetables instead. Whatever it takes, make sure that you can just draw out a plan of how you are going to make that happen in your life.

Number four:
Number four is monitoring your progress. Look at things from a standpoint of when you achieve your goal to two weeks forward, how have you changed? Are you getting closer to your goal or is it you’re getting further away? And if you’re getting further away? What are the things that you want to do in order to make sure that you change your habits to move forward?

Number five:
Number five is telling others about your goal. Being able to verbalize what you want and how to achieve it is important to fulfilling those goals. It also allows you to have support from your friends and family. They can check on you and follow up.

Number six:
Number six is being persistent. Being persistent is key to achieving your goal. Being persistent means setting an alarm on a daily basis to get up early in the morning in order to work out or being able to just practice looking at the things that you were doing well with achieving your goal every day as motivation when you need it. Being persistent is key to making sure that you’re moving closer to your goal at a faster pace than before.

Number seven:
And last but not least number seven is celebrating your achievements. I’ve been in situations where I have created a goal and then it’s onto the next. And what that does is it devalues the celebration. It’s really important to celebrate your achievements on a regular basis. It allows you to be in the present, and you deserve a pat on the back for your accomplishments. Remember before you start on another goal. Take some time and really take everything in and say, I’ve done this, I’m going to take a break and then move forward. This allows you to stay happy in the present with what you have accomplished and with what you currently have opposed to, I’m never going to be happy unless I get this achieved next.

That’s the seven tips to make sure that your goal setting with long term success. Let me know how it goes, comment below if you’re on the YouTube channel. And if you’re on the podcast, feel free to send an email or come on to the YouTube channel and let us know how you’re doing okay. Until the next time we meet, be beautiful and be well. Bye.