Risk Management

Strategists that reduce your insurance liability

We work with organizations to create, identify, and resolve the following:

  • Research and Implementation of Corporate, Executives, and Employee Insurance Benefits
  • Identify Possible Liabilities That Require Attention and Change
  • Reduce Health and Workers Comp Insurance Claims/Cost

Your Dream Team

Denecia and her team has worked with business executives and professionals on how to create and improve their business management, operations, team recruitment, employee retention, and team building techniques. For non-profit organizations, they create and improve strategic planning, resource building, board, and staff development as well as fundraising. For State and Federal Governments, they work with government representatives to increase awareness of unknown challenges that require strategy development in health care. Jadestone Solutions has worked with thousands of businesses, non-profit organizations, state and federal governments to create action plans to tackle challenges with unique solutions that last long term.

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