New Year-New Results

New Year-New Results
The apex of hope, new opportunities, new resolutions, and will prove yourself happens on the very first day at the beginning of the new year. This is the time you are in your newest form and forget your past failures. Cheers to the new you and I hope that your life will open up with all amazing things when you follow today’s video for best results.

Denecia A. Jones Speaker, Work-Life Balance Coach & Business Strategist works with individuals and companies to create more inner peace, success, and happiness from the inside out

The fact that we only have 365 days to make our new year resolutions turn into realities, might be a little challenging. But with the right plans and goals in mind, it’s not that difficult. And for you, I have put together the best tips to get you to your goals faster. Be sure to write each of these down.

Write down goals
First thing’s first, writing an achievable set of goals is very enthusiastic and progressive for anyone. So, write down 3-4 goals that you want to accomplish and ace them step-by-step. As a coach, the first thing that I see is people not writing down their goals, if you don’t have those goals written down or documented, it is nearly impossible to achieve them. When you don’t write the goals down, you are pretty much saying that what you are putting out there aren’t important enough to be in your sight. It’s like planning something, meaning documenting it somewhere outside your brain. It’s like going to a new friend’s home where you have never been before. If you don’t have the plan of action, guess what? It’s likely that you will get 0 results. Writing things down connect the things from your brain into the physical; creating it in one form or another, then the next important step is to take action to make it happen!

Create your Vision and add to it
Just remember that pleasing everyone won’t get you anywhere. Living your life according to the will of others is living their lives. So, get out of the box and create a vision board that keeps you motivated and determined towards your personal goals. For the best results, after you write them down, create a collage of those goals by cutting up magazine pictures of the things that you want to create for yourself on a large piece of paper and place them on your wall. This is called a vision board and they are known to connect your emotions and the vision of your having those items together, so they can manifest into reality faster than just writing work ads. After you create your vision board, have it in a place where you can see it every day. When you wake up, look at it and feel the emotions of how good it will feel once you have those images in your life and then go about your day. You will find that you will begin to see the things you wanted become your reality; if you are positive and do the work to connect your positive works and actions, you will get them faster than before. They are really fun and create a feeling of adventure while meeting your goals. You will eventually find that you will begin the habit of creating one for yourself every year.

Create the roadmap
To achieve the goal, the fastest way is to plan it out, and for this purpose create a roadmap. Here’s what you need to add to it.
How much time will you dedicate to working on at least one aspect of making your desired items each day, week, a month?
Create a schedule to work on your goals and make sure to add breaks so you do not burn yourself out and stay creative and enthusiastic. Most importantly, stay positive during good and challenging times. Be Open to it happening and stay dedicated to the deep knowing that it’s going to happen at the perfect time.

Tell others that you have the goal
Use your conversations with others to literally declare your desires to the universe. You can also use this time to ask others to hold you accountable in meeting your goals and to provide support to meet your goal(s) by a certain date. People would always find a way to break you. No matter what people say about your goals, keep telling them that you are consistent with them. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.
Remain accountable for making it happen.
You are the only one who is in charge of your life. What that means is that you create the painting of your life, so it’s important to hold yourself accountable and know that patience with yourself is necessary while you are growing to be and to do better. Remember to keep moving even when you become unmotivated to do it.

From all this, know that it’s your responsibility to make things happen. Nobody is going to come and offer you the life you have always wanted, or the new career position or the romantic partner you’ve always wanted on a silver platter.
And when you are ready for help with speeding up the process of your learning and growth. Don’t be shy…I am here to help you get in tip-top shape for your new life that is waiting for you. I’m just a phone call or email message away.

Have a Magnificent Day!