How To Talk To Your Angeles: The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Interview of Phyliss Douglass conducted by Denecia Jones

Phyllis: Hi, so nice to be here with you.

Denecia: Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. So angels are near and dear to my heart and I love them. They are a huge part of the history of all things. You just see angels, wherever you go. If it’s a government building, If it’s a church, if it’s an art exhibit, you always see angels as being a positive form and loving creatures for men and women. I’d love to learn a little bit more from you on how this all started for you.

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Phyllis: I have been surrounded by angels and spoken with them and so forth since I was a very young girl of the age of 4 years old. And so the angels have always been with me. And that’s kind of just part of my spiritual path and working with them. And so as I got older and I was interested in healing and progressively speaking in my life, I began to become the seeker because I was raised religiously, but I knew that there was just something missing in my life. There was something else that I was not truly understanding. There was a truth there that I just, I hadn’t locked onto yet. And so I became the spiritual seeker. And so as I took classes and met other people that were having similar circumstances, what it did was then to really bring forward more of a remembrance in my process of spiritual awakening as it were, with air quotes so to speak, they allowed me to become who it is that I’m meant to be in this lifetime. And so eventually when I started doing energy healing work and sound therapy, and teach yoga, I became a massage therapist so that I could go a little deeper into the work by adding not only the energetic component but bodywork as well to work deeper with people. The angels began to come in and give me direction, give me guidance allowed me to see much more deeply into my clients or even my student’s challenges that they were having in their life. The things that were serving as a distraction or a distortion and being able to pinpoint what that is to assist and guide people, to find their own path in life.

Denecia: When did you decide to take that leap of faith? Because I know that you have been doing this. How many years has it been since you’ve been with your business and have move forward fully?

Phyllis: Well, with my business and starting with energy work has been since about 2001.

Denecia: Let’s go back to 2001.There probably wasn’t a lot of people doing this And it takes a huge amount of courage for you to step forward and say, this is for me. The reason why I am asking this is that I’m sure there’s a viewer who’s listening to the saying, I’m on the edge here. And I’d like to hear a story on what it takes to move forward. Like what does it take to take the leap of faith and say, you know, I want to move forward. I want to be able to be the healer and help other people. How did that work for you?

Phyllis: You know, it took me about seven years.

Denecia: It makes sense.

Phyllis: I really fully stepped up more so in 2007 and I was still getting vestiges of fear and it wasn’t really about my own faith because it’s really strong. I believe in me; I believe in the angels. I see them, I work with them. I believe in all my guides’ entire guidance and, but really the thing that holds people back and was also holding me back was fear. And it was more about what are people going to think about me? What are people going to think of me when they find out that I keep stating I work with angels or I work with higher guidance of any sort. And they’re going think I’m weird. And actually, I can tell you that weird is probably the best that I’ve heard at first. And so it was difficult. And the key is we all have fear and most of the time it’s the fear of the unknown because most people might hear higher guidance. They may even see an angel and they might have an angelic experience of some sort. But the more that they continue to think about it, the more that they began to think that, Oh, I just made it up. Right. And so one of the key things is to know that it is truth, and it is your truth. And one of the things in this lifetime that we’re meant to do is to be authentic. And so what I really had to learn was to utilize fear itself as a stepping stone or a catalyst to launch myself forward, to move forward and keep taking the next step and the next step and the next step. And there’s a phrase that I kept hearing throughout was,” it’s none of your business,” what other people think of you. And so I really had to adopt that phrase so that I would just bypass the naysayers. And that’s part an important part about being in resonance too, with your truth, because when you’re in resonance and you really stand in your truth and you move forward in your truth, you’ll find that everything that’s not in resonance is going to fall away, but then more people are going to be drawn to you because they have these interests as well, or they have challenges and they’re guided to you to assist them. And so it’s really about trust and it’s about allowing yourself to bypass any fear or anxiety or hesitation that you’re experiencing.

Denecia: When it comes to angels, how do we connect with them.

Phyllis: The angels are always around you. The angels are messengers of God or God source creator, you know, whatever you want to call that all-encompassing energy, that creative essence. And the angels are always around people. One of the things is that being human, we have free will. And if we want to communicate with the angels or guides or what have you, we need to give permission. We have to even just make a statement that I would like to communicate with my angels, right. I would like to communicate with my higher guidance. And so that gives them permission to kind of step in and to begin to connect with you. But the angels work with you in many, many ways because they are categorizing, I’m just simply simplifying it significantly. The angels each have their own quote job and certain things. And it’s very specific and when you’ve learned that lesson or when you have gained the confidence that you need, or the knowledge that you need, or you’ve moved into the space where you’re supposed to be, then they will leave. And other angels may come in to assist and guide you in whatever aspect of your life they are needed, and they will do that consciously or unconsciously, right? So often you get with your intuition, you might get what some might call a divine inspiration, or an intuitive hit, or kind of like an intuitive knowing that you are supposed to be somewhere at a specific time, or you are supposed to do something or maybe I need to call this person because they pop into your head. And it’s really about all of these little signposts that the angels put up or these kinds of divine synchronicities begin to happen. And it’s really that we need to pay attention. Sometimes we are just on automatic and we have got blinders on and we are just doing what it is we do. And we are going through life on automatic. But life is meant to be this expansive experience where we can create our lives and the way that we want to create it and the angels can assist us with, but it just takes the intention to communicate with them and ask them for help. And it is very simple.

Denecia: I really appreciate the fact that you’ve mentioned that we get messages throughout the day, had those moments where it’s like, oh yeah, you know, I felt like I need to call this person right now. when I did, I normally hear them say things like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re calling me. I’m having a relapse right now.” Like how does she even know? So, it’s so basically the angels are helping guide us to helping other people. It seems like,

Phyllis: And it’s really about always doing something and assisting and guiding us back in alignment with our true nature back into or onto our true path and purpose.

Denecia: How often do you get messages, just since you’ve been more in tuned and connected to them, throughout the day?
Phyllis: I am always surrounded by animals. I work with angels on every aspect of my life and I’m always working with clients and so forth as well and in my writing and so they are always with me. I am always able to communicate just as I’m communicating with you or communicating with someone that’s sitting right next to me. I can always ask questions and receive answers and guidance as I need it. On an often I do not even think about it, but I’m realizing, oh yeah, like talking. So that was one of the points in growing up and speaking with spirit and so forth that, you know, people would think you were a little bit crazy. Because sometimes, I do not even care anymore, but I’ll be having like this conversation, I’ll be driving and I’ll be talking, my mouth will be moving. And then I’m hearing the answer and so forth. And it is really funny, but that’s my normal.

Denecia: Well, you know what, a lot of people been doing that anyway. It is called Bluetooth headsets. If you think about it, right. Like if you do not even know like you don’t see it in the ear, it’s like, you can just walk around like a homeless person just talking to yourself. You just do it naturally.

Phyllis: Nobody knows. Yeah. I should just put on a little Bluetooth thing, so they’ll think I’m just talking to somebody, but I think that’s new. (Laughter)

Denecia: in a way we’re kind of already doing it with it, (Laughter)

Phyllis: But you know, it is very simple for people to communicate. I think, you know, the angels are always telling me, humanity loves to muddy up the waters when we’ve made it very simple. It is very simple. And everybody thinks that they need a class or a workshop or a certification or a methodology or a technique. Right. They think that there’s something that they don’t know. And they cannot communicate with the angels or God, you know? And it’s kind of like that but you don’t need anything because everything resides within you. Every being has the ability to communicate on a level and communicate with the angels. And it is very simple. You can literally just sit down, close your eyes and say, here I am, what’s up. And they always joke with me about that. And I do that. You know, and a lot of people think, well, I’ve got to meditate. And I have people that tell me, I meditate two or three hours a day. And then I did my answer to that is kind of like, when do you live? You’re here to live a life. And it’s really about living your life as a work of art, living your life in a state of meditation, and being in a state of meditation is really just being awakened to that higher state of being there’s no like (woo-wooness) about that or anything like that. There’s nothing that you have to look for outside of yourself. It is just, it’s in here.

Denecia: When you are connecting with your angels, is there a particular hierarchy of, okay, you need to connect with God first. So, is it based on religion or can anyone do it?

Phyllis: Okay. The short answer is anybody can do it. Right, the connection with God creator source, you know, I have a belief, I just call it God, because that’s just simple. And it’s only three letters on it. It’s an all-encompassing word. But angels are messengers of God. There isn’t a hierarchy in that you have to, it’s not a religious experience or anything like that. You do not have to communicate through God to have the angel’s guidance or assistance. They are there, and there’s nothing wrong with religion, but… This is what the angels told me the other day. And I will state this as is that if there is an order to something there’s a limitation. And I can kind of leave it at that. If there’s an order or a methodology there’s a limitation.

Denecia: Is that do you think it’s because of creativity, do you think it’s because it’s limiting the creativeness inside of us. I believe we are here to create our universes.

Phyllis: Well, it’s limiting us as creators.

Denecia: Right. Okay. Makes sense.

Phyllis: Yeah, because it is stating that we need to go to someone or something higher than ourselves and we are not the ones creating our life, but we are because we are individuations of God. So we are creator beings. We are divine beings. And so we are creating our lives as we know it here, and we have that ability and the angel’s assistant guides us with that.

Denecia: There’s a lot of folks right now that are into crystals and they’re into the meditation and they’ve just checked out completely from religion. And I’m doing the opposite, I actually checked out with religion I was raised as an atheist, pretty much I didn’t have religion in my household. I got into non-denominational spirituality and then became Jewish recently. That was my choice because I felt like I liked the rituals. I like being able to build a better world, a better place for people. And it resonated with me, but there’s a lot of folks out there who have just said no more religion. I felt restrictive. I feel missed out in the others. So yeah, I completely understand what you’re saying, where folks are feeling that way. I understand personally feel like people are like, “I don’t like some of the limitations, control, and judgement towards others that religion has inside of it. And It’s so powerful because I feel like because of the power and the way that we can create, it’s changing the way that religions are acting and operating now. It’s so powerful to see just different religions adjust because they know that things are changing, and people want more of something new.

Phyllis: You know, I was raised religiously and so I kind of left that because it was limiting and restrictive, but it was just a feeling within myself that there is more than this. There is more about me. There is more truth there that I can’t find here. But one of the interesting things is that I have found there’s a lot of people say,” I’m no longer religious, I’m spiritual.” You can have the same entrapment in spirituality as you can in religion. But one of the things is the angel said, we want you to go and we want you to read the Bible. And I was kind of like, well, I do not want to read the Bible. Because we want you to read the Bible, knowing what you know now. And once you know, something, you can’t unknow it. It is going to begin to reflect outwardly on your life. They wanted me to read the Bible from this higher spiritual perception. And so I did and it was like this big aha moment in that I had much more clarity and a deeper understanding of much of what the Bible is saying more from a spiritual aspect versus a religious aspect. It held a different meaning for me altogether. And I realized that a lot of what’s in the Bible reflects a lot of who I am and what it is and how I do, how I live my life and how I do what it is that I do now. So that was actually kind of an interesting request that they made that was quite a gift for me.

Denecia: Amazing, Doreen Virtue recently moved out of calling herself just spiritually connected through, only connecting with angels and is promoting being connected directly to God. So I’m glad that we’re talking about this. I think it’s going to bring a lot of insight on just our progression as humans. You know, it’s not a one size fits all thing. And so at least we’re able to know that everyone’s purpose and their position and where they’re going is different. But there’s always something that we can find in anything that we see if we just look a little bit deeper. Reading the Bible and, you’re more on the spiritual realm then that’s maybe for you and I’m the same way too. I still read the Bible but I look at things from an energetic realm and I also look at it from more of a logical and mythology realm as well. I think that’s so important.

Phyllis: Well, let me share this one thing because you’re talking about Doreen virtue. What happens with me is, you know, you start out taking these classes and things and you have either little rituals or the methods and techniques, or you have the stones that you use, or you have the symbols that you use, like in Reiki or you use the Tarot cards or Oracle cards or anything, any type of tool, a divination tool. One of the things is the angels came to me and said, you must now stop using all of that. Because for me, all of that was an entry point. It was a door that I walked through. But the true understanding is in the fact that we ourselves are divine beings. The angels told me that I could no longer use any of those tools. And I tried and they did not really have any resonance, it did not work. And they said, what it is, is about direct communication with God. And you use that exact phrase about Doreen virtue. But one of the things is when I began to go from that perspective of communicating directly with God and not calling different angels or not relying on a stone or whatever it is or relying on a technique. The expansion of possibilities in my life opened even more for me. All of my work is done through direct communication with God, but I still will work with stones and I still work with musical instruments. And I do work with Oracle cards on occasion and all of this, but what it does is it allows you to be true and authentic to who you are as a divine and gifted being. And then anything that you utilize as a tool is just an enhancement of who you are. You are not relying on the tools. Does that make sense?

Denecia: Absolutely. It makes sense. It’s like, here’s the bike, those training wheels, take them off.

Phyllis: You can only go so far or do so much with these different tools until you allow yourself to kind of come up and out of that box.

Denecia: Literally the box, with the cards. I definitely have to say yes, they were a great experience to use the angel oracle cards for many, many years. But there’s nothing like the irritation of knowing I have to make a big decision and I don’t trust myself enough to actually make that decision.

Phyllis: And you pull out the deck of cards to try.

Denecia: And you go in another room and dig out your cards because you need their help to make an important decision. (Laughter)

Phyllis: It’s just a tool but you can do that by listening directly to your own intuition, right.

Denecia: And like being able to practice that muscle because it’s like with anything, it just takes some time to really trust that because we can go on and do different things there’s different thing that can affect your intuition and your soul’s parts.

Phyllis: Exactly.

Denecia: Different realms. Do you have any messages from the angels that you can share with our viewers? Anything that is coming through for you?

Phyllis: Yeah, when I communicate to other people most often, because I speak in angelical language as well, I speak the language of the angel that’s the easiest way to put it. And the frequencies and their encoded, they will come through a sound and it comes out in their language. When the angel speaks in their language, it’s frequency-based, right. It is affecting us on an energetic level cellular level, DNA level, so forth, to self-generate to heal, to transform something. It also through the mind. The key aspect is it’s frequency based. You don’t necessarily understand it when you hear it, but you understand it on a soul level, and you can feel the energetics of it. They would like to just give just a few moments understanding of what they would like to tell you is how much they love you. I can do that for you if you would like.

Denecia: Yes. Now loving everyone as the viewers, That’s great. Thank you so much.

Phyllis: So just sending unconditional love to everyone. So, everyone who’s listening to this, I’d like you now to just close your eyes. And allow yourself not to just listen with your ears, but to listen with every aspect of your existence. (Singing and talking in an angelic and Opera like melody)

Denecia: That was beautiful Phyllis, thank you so much.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Denecia: Yeah. I felt like all my existence just felt so loved and it just takes my breath away in a good way. Oh, thank you so much. I’m sure that everyone could utilize that every day. Have you ever thought about writing a book or doing an audio? I mean, first of all, you’re a great, amazing singer. What are you working on?

Phyllis: I have a book that I just completed with the angels. It took me a while to kind of get into it, but I will show it here. “It’s called one journey to a new way of being.” It is an angelical map for humankind. It’s considered to be a sacred artifact, so it will never be available like as an E-book because it needs to be held within the hands. But for a series of months, I was downloaded with these images that I hand drew that are in the book and those are on the top of the page. And then at the bottom of the page, is angelical text, which is explaining…

Denecia: Show us, show us.

Phyllis: I’ll kind of show you, well it kind of looks like that. There’s an image and then there’s a prayer of explanation and it’s more like a transmission that’s written in an angelical language. And it’s interesting because it’s almost based like the tarot and it’s like 78 images because it goes through the tree of life which represents a map of this lifetime. And we come down the tree of life into matter and physical form and now we’re rising up the tree of life. This book going from one image to the last is like a spiritual voyage for healing or transformation or spiritual awakening, kind of meet you where you’re at. And each time you go through the book, it’s a different experience. You can hold an intention at the beginning. And it’s really about creation. It’s about creating your life. And it’s about remembering who it is that you are. And it’s about letting go of releasing and relinquishing those things that are holding you back from your true path and purpose. And the links available on my website. But also I have recordings that are out under my spiritual name, which is Fox Angeles. And so I have a number of recorders and it’s on recordings rather, that you can just look up and it’s on iTunes as well. There are recordings, I have a CD. On my website, there are little packages that include a song and information about how to utilize it as a form of meditation and healing and so forth. And that on my website.

Denecia: Tell us more about your website and social media. How do we find you?

Phyllis: It’s on and on Amazon. You can visit my website P H Y L L I S Douglas with two S’s, dot com.

Denecia: Okay.

Phyllis: I’m on Facebook as Vox Angeles or Phyllis Douglass. Feel free to friend me on Facebook as well.

Phyllis: VOX, Vox Angeles. That is for voice of the Angels.

Denecia: Oh, I love that. Perfect. To close it out, usually, I close it out with the social media, but can you tell us about three tips that you can give our viewers to stay healthy and happy.

Phyllis: Yes! They must write it down. And this is about keeping balance in life, but it’s also about being open to communication with the angels and just elevating your own nature of being. The three things we’re always saying is number one is breath. Number two is meditation. And number three is movement. And people say, what’s that about angels that doesn’t have anything to do about my life. But it does because those three things create flow within our physical body. So that light information that aspect of our truth, our spiritual self can actually flow inward. When we create flow within our body, we allow ourselves to be open to receiving new things, but also open to letting go of the old thoughts, emotions, and actions of the past. Those things that are no longer working or fueling us in a positive way. So those three things are the most important things to create flow in our lives. And when we can create flow throughout our physical body, it creates a flow within our relationships. It creates flow within our jobs, you know, our businesses, and so forth. It creates flow in every aspect of our life.

Denecia: It makes a lot of sense that when you aren’t moving, you can create blocks and it makes it more frustrating to get things done. I know the other night I was working on some things to prepare for the show and there were some blocks that kept coming up. Machines would stop working, one thing one pop up and they kept coming up until I stopped what I was doing to get in some selfcare time by getting up to get fresh air and movement on a needed walk.

Phyllis: And that helps you breathe too because breath, we can really become shallow breathers when we become stressed or there’s anxiety. And so people have that, we tighten up and we’re just breathing up in our shoulders, but we create more anxiety and more tension because we’re not breathing effectively. So the key thing, when you have excess stress in your life, or you’re trying to get through something is to actually breathe and think about full-body breath so you’re creating flow.

Denecia: Great. Well, thank you so much Phyllis for being here. It has been interesting and amazing show with you. I really appreciate you. Thank you for all that you do. And thanks for taking that leap of faith and moving forward with as a gift to the world.

Phyllis: All right. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Denecia: To my viewers, I really appreciate you as well. And we want to hear more about what the topics are you want to hear about. I’d love to be able to speak to those things and having guests on that are going to be able to fulfill those needs. Thank you for watching. Until the next time that we meet. Be beautiful and be well.