About Us

Jadestone Solutions works with organizations to identify and resolve challenges in the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee turnover
  • Employee retention
  • Health insurance claims/cost
  • Toxic work environments
  • Worker’s comp insurance claims/cost
  • Morale/productivity
  • Sick time request

Featured In

Jadestone Solutions is a one-stop-shop to grow companies through education, organizational support services, and workplace wellness solutions.


Our innovative business model combines eastern and western world philosophies, so companies can enjoy the best of both worlds. We offer education and planning on the importance on how this method is beneficial not just for today but–more importantly–for what companies will face tomorrow. Jadestone Solution’s creative model also ensure a company’s plans work not just for the employer, but also for the employee. We show companies how to educate, protect and grow together.

Community Donations

Jadestone Solutions is committed to helping the less fortunate by donating a portion of our revenue to charities. Our goal is to improve the lives of our clients and the world around them.