5 Tips for Promoting Workplace Wellness

5 Tips for Promoting Workplace Wellness

And How Your Business Can Benefit!

For most business owners, running a company is about more than just dollars and cents — it is also about making a positive impact on your employees, your customers, your community, and the world. If you feel this way, then the odds are good that you have considered joining one of the biggest trends in the professional world and actively promoting workplace wellness.

Sound like you? Here is some good news: workplace wellness initiatives can be just as financially profitable as they are ethically satisfying. In fact, as reported here by the Harvard Business Review, some companies see an ROI of close to 3 dollars earned for every 1 dollar invested in employee health!

So now that you have no more excuses to procrastinate on that workplace wellness program you’ve been contemplating, let’s discuss a few of the most highly-effective tips for promoting a real change for your organization and your employees.

1. Include healthcare as part of a comprehensive benefits package. Attracting the best and the brightest to a small or medium-sized organization can be challenging — especially when you are working with a relatively limited payroll when compared to your competitors. One important point worth keeping in mind is the fact that employees oftentimes value certain benefits, such as healthcare, more than they might value a pay raise of equivalent value. So investing in employee healthcare subsidies is a great way of stretching your payroll budget while encouraging your workers to pursue preventative healthcare all at the same time. A win-win for all parties involved!

2. Negotiate corporate discounts with gyms, healthy restaurants, and other organizations that can help your employees enjoy a better lifestyle. This is another perk that could mean a lot to potential employees, without costing you an arm and a leg. Many small businesses are thrilled to form partnerships in the community, so conduct a bit of research and reach out!

3. Ensure that regular work breaks are the norm in your office. Long periods spent sitting or standing without interruption put employees at risk for easily-avoidable injuries. State and federal laws address this issue by placing a few minimum break time requirements — though supplementing mandated breaks with a few extra company-policy breaks is sure to be much appreciated by your workforce.

4. Create a smoke-free workspace, and offer cessation support. Enforcing a no-smoking policy is a smart way of protecting your customers and your non-smoking employees from secondhand smoke exposure. However, you should understand that, unless you offer quitting resources, such a policy is only going to inspire smokers to spend break time off-site, smoking in their cars.

5. Organize and promote fun and inspiring events. A healthy potluck lunch on Fridays, an employee running club, or a special bike-to-work day are all great examples of this — but feel free to get creative and adapt this concept to your business and your employees!

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